LED Tobacco Grinder - 1Pc

by Royale
Royale Herb Grinder
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  • Ultimate Stash/Storage 4 in 1 With Assorted Sticker
  • This Grinder the top lid comes with a highly engineered crystal-clear 8x magnifying glass and cutting-edge, LED lights. The brilliant lights beam down to your flower, giving you the ability to view the crystals, gorgeous color and every single detail of the flower.
  • The PP +Glass shell is shockproof, can keep fresh for a long time, it can store tea, coffee and so on ,Stash Box Combo includes a hand spice herb grinder, rest safely inside the cushioned inner platform, easily to carry, Perfect for travel!
  • It has LED lights that light up herb chamber during grinding so you can experience the process up close and personal.
  • 1x Herb Grinder with Jar;1x USB Cable. Capacity: 110ml, Size: 5x2.5x2.5inch, Weight:220g. Assorted Sticker
  •  This Grinder provides a superior grinding experience no matter if herb is sticky, moist, dry, or has thick stems. Obtain a coarse texture tapping the pressure cap once or twice, or a finer grind tapping once or twice again!

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