Dutch Masters Fusion 0.99C 2Pcs/30Packs - 60 Cigars

by Dutch Masters
Dutch Masters Cigar Dutch Master Cigars
Image Flavor Stock Price Qty
Honey Fusion Golden
Honey Fusion Golden 4 Login to purchase
Dutch Blend Silver
Dutch Blend Silver 3 Login to purchase
Berry Fusion Burst
Berry Fusion Burst 3 Login to purchase
Blue Dream Fusion
Blue Dream Fusion 0 Login to purchase
Sweet Fusion
Sweet Fusion 6 Login to purchase
Irish Fusion
Irish Fusion 1 Login to purchase
Java Fusion
Java Fusion 2 Login to purchase
Gold Fusion
Gold Fusion 0 Login to purchase
OG Fusion
OG Fusion 0 Login to purchase


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Grown on the legendary lands of the Dominican Republic, each of the ingredients that go into Dutch Masters Cigarillos are perfectly ripened and expertly cured. Cloaked in a Natural Connecticut Shade Wrapper, each of these cigars are debuted with a mild in strength delivery of the tobacco flavors, sponsoring an evenly circular ring gauge and a comfortable overall design that boasts sturdiness and solidity of construction.

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